Friday, March 7, 2014

Currently enjoying my holidays! Since my intern is sem 2~
Kinda excited for my results because im confident that i did well for this sem.
Praying hard for the best results i can get!

Things don't just sail smoothly with a longer time period.
Knowing that a problem exist, yet avoided it right from the start was a mistake.
I regretted. Why did i even accept it?
And now, i just wanna get out of it.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Really never so sway before..

Having gsm test this morning..and out of all days, my phone died on me in the middle of the night.
End up..overslept and missed the test... 30%, just gone.
Whatsmore attendance is below 85% :(
Cried so hard because despite rushing to school, i still couldn't make it....

Never missed a test before..and why am i so sway :(

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Time flies. A year passed.
2013 has been an awesome year!
New year resolution is simple. 
Just want to do well in my final year. Last lap to go to achieve what i ever wanted.

Spent the new year eve with my lover. 
Last year we started 2013 with a movie and this year we ended with a movie.
Caught some fireworks at vivo (again). 
Sadly, no countdown gahhh :x

Wish my family to stay healthy and happy.
Wish all my fellow friends to do their best in everything.
Lastly, wish that our rlsp will be a smooth one cos 2013 has been too rocky.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Its an important decision to make in life.
IT or Business track.
Its really hard to choose because i have to consider lots of factors.
If i want GPA, i have to choose IT.
If i want to pursue interest, then business is for me.
However, both have their difficulty and challenge.
But seriously, coding is not what i want.

I guess i have decided to give up my good grades and to pursue business ba.
I know there can be help hotline for coding, but i guess its not for me.
After studying so hard, to strive and excel in academic to get into Dlist, i have decided to give up my grades and my dream to go local uni.
I supposed i will not make it there even if i pursue IT.
So i would rather choose business which im comfortable in, although i suck in English.
I am just going to try harder, work harder as i am not 100% giving up. 
As long as i did my best, thats where i want to be.

A tough decision indeed.
Hope i won't make the wrong decision.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Had a mini getaway trip with baby before school start this week!
It was a fun and short trip, and i finally get to ride on elephants! IT WAS SO EXCITING :D
And the beach literally belong to just us.. did kayaking..chillax trip!

School has started! Back to the stress old days... damnzzzz
Just hope all is well for this sem and maintain pls!!

Just 2 main photos to conclude the trip :)

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